Men Blue Mid Rise Full length Slim Fit Jeans

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Bolts and Barrels
✔Denim Clean Look Slim fit Jeans
Slim Fit Stretchable Jeans made with fine quality of denim fabric to make you look cool and classy. All our Jeans are manufacturing with perfection and are pre-washed to make sure you get the best fit ever.
Jeans are rightly called 'seasonless essential'. Each pair of jeans is classic and versatile, hence leaves you with numerous options to style. Casual, smart-casual, semi-formal, party.
✔Super Stretchable
Fabric has a super stretch that can stretch and recover both width and lengthwise. We have introduced just the right amount of elastane to introduce flexibility and while retaining resilience in our apparel. This means that you can do small active movements such as jumping, running, and biking with ease, without deforming what you're wearing.
✔Intelligent Clothing
The tech behind the apparel enables one to wear a particular garment for longer time spans and eliminate the need for extensively harmful deos and perfumes. Thanks to Bolts and Barrels, traveling light is now feasible, that Bike trip you’ve been planning requires single jeans only.
✔About Bolts and Barrels
Bolts and Barrels is one of India’s best technology-enhanced fashion brands. Our vision is simple: to provide intelligent apparel for an intelligent world. Each line of our apparel is unique and comes with its own set of benefits. Each piece of our apparel is designed for individuals who demand more out of their everyday lives while not willing to compromise on fashion and the flexibility of daily wear.